Virgin Week

Week 1

This is the first week of my Outreachy project and I am super excited! Being part of a team that is developing drivers for the Linux Kernel and specifically for the Hypervisor from Microsoft!

Sounds like an amazing experience and times to come, doesn’t it?

I am very grateful to everybody who helped me during my application phase, both from the Outreachy but also people from the kernel community who were always there with comments, suggestions and corrections.

Sometimes is difficult in the beginning to be in an environment where there’s a huge effort to keep the code consistent, clean and with an extremely high quality on the mind. But that’s more than rewarding!

I can say that in a month of preparing for the Linux Kernel, I got more than in a semester at the University in the past!

I am really looking forward to working with my mentor, revisit my C skills and learn more about Driver Development.

He already suggested me to go through the book ‘The Linux Kernel Programming’ by D. Love, which is what I am doing this week.

I am also looking at the specific display driver we are going to modify and add functionality, to understand its function as well as the data that is passed through various functions.

Happy times! Excited to be here and thanks again, everyone 🙂


Get familiar with the functions in hyperv_fb driver in the kernel and especially functions like vfb_cfb_fillrect().

The data format passed into the functions is to be understood and studied as well as aiming for the final idea which is to record a dirty rectangle (that is the changed screen area) and update the screen accordingly.

Tests in different scenarios would need to be included with a variety of Linux distros like Redhat, Ubuntu, SLES. Different screen modes and Hypervisor types need to be listed, identified and tested as well.


Here are some links that can be useful in the future but there is also a very good reference for everyone who goes through my blog:


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